Clean Your Microfiber Couch with Rubbing Alcohol!

Anyone who owns or has owned a microfiber couch, loveseat or chair knows that it doesnít repel liquid as most furniture stores like to claim it does. However, I have found a simple, eco-friendly way to get rid of the water stains and restore the microfiber to its original luster.

Here is what you will need:

1. White sponge (or one the same color as your couch, if possible)-you may need more than one for larger areas.
2. White bristle brush Ė the ones meant for washing dishes that you can put the dish soap in work great!
Note: use white or the same color as your couch to prevent any possible color transfer. You can test a small spot first to be sure.
3. Rubbing alcohol
4. Empty (and clean) spray bottle


Step 1: Put the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and SATURATE the water-stained area. While this may seem counterproductive, rubbing alcohol evaporates a lot faster than water so it wonít leave a mark.

Step 2: Using your sponge, scrub the area vigorously, put some muscle into it! You should start to see the dirt come off onto the sponge. If your sponge starts getting really dirty before you are done, switch it out for a new one as you do not want to rub back in the dirt you just scrubbed off.

Step 3: Allow the areas you sprayed and scrubbed to dry. (Note: the sprayed areas will look darker and may feel a bit hard, but donít worry, thereís one more step!)

Step 4: Only after the couch/chair is COMPLETELY DRY, use your bristle brush to re-fluff the areas youíve cleaned, using circular swirling motions.

If you missed some stains or it isnít as clean as you would like, repeat the steps the next day and scrub, scrub, scrub!

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