Tips to Keep Your Closet Neat

Wish you could keep your closet better organized, able to find whatever you need instantly? Here are some helpful tips for organizing your closet and keeping it clutter free:

- Add an extra shelf wherever there is room. Between the upper shelf and the ceiling is a great place since there is usually a bit of extra room. Store seasonal items up there, like sweaters or shoes you donít wear often.

- Use shelf organizers or baskets to keep things neat on the shelves.

- Use the back of the door. Add hooks for belts, hats, ties, or a shoe or jewelry organizer.

- Organize all your short items, such as shirts, at one end of the closet and use the floor space underneath to add an extra bar for pants or shirts, or put in some shelves or plastic drawers.

- Hang clothing items by style (tanks, t-shirts, dress shirts, etc.) and color.

- Get rid of any clothes you havenít worn in a year or more. If you canít decide, hide them away from yourself for a few months and see if you miss them. If you forget about them, then just get rid of them.

- Store winter or summer (depending on the season) clothes in another location, like the garage, attic, or storage closet. You donít need to fill your closet with clothes you wonít be wearing for months.

-Try to avoid and sever sentimental attachment to clothing items. Your grandma isnít going to know you threw out the dress she gave you ten years ago that youíve never worn.

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